Artist [Antipop Consortium ]
Label [n/a ] Genre [Hip-Hop ]

Track Time Title

01 02:22 Cloneman (The Great Adventures of Nicon and HP2)
02 01:40 Physically My Instrumentality
03 04:23 Stretch Time
04 02:48 Halloween In Babylon
04 11:13 min

Release Notes:

The MC/production crew called Anti-Pop Consortium (Priest,
Beans and M. Sayyid) definitely live up to their name by
creating unusual yet intoxicating sounds that you won’t hear
on Hot 97 (New York’s #1 commercial rap station) anytime
soon. Yet, the creativity and originality they display in
their ferocious flows and quirky production techniques
charts a course forward in the evolution of hip-hop. These
brothers are on a mission to accelerate the advancement of
the artform into the 21st century, and you will be hearing
about them soon. Anti-Pop Consortium = Next Level Hip-Hop.

~ - autor: 1vls w dniu 24 stycznia 2010.


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