Title [Ruff-N-Tuff ] °
Artist [Olori Rock ]
Label [LonGevity Records ] Genre [Hip-Hop ]
Quality/Size [44.1 @VBR 29,5 MB] Ripped [06-02-2010 ]
Grabbed from [Vinyl ] Enc [Lame 3.97 ]
Website [.discogs.com/release/1362532 ]

Track Time Title ŰŰ

01 03:30 Ruff-N-Tuff (Wreckless Radio Mix)
02 03:31 Ruff-N-Tuff (Wreckless Radio Mix Instrumental)
03 03:41 Ruff-N-Tuff (Rugged Butta Radio)
04 03:41 Ruff-N-Tuff (Rugged Butta Remix Instrumental)
05 04:36 Don’t Test Me (Smooth Radio Mix)
06 04:36 Don’t Test Me (Smooth Radio Mix Instrumental)
06 23:35 min

Release Notes:

O’Lori first appeared on the Witchdoctor & The Three
Dominating MC’s 12″ Takin’ No Shorts released in 1988.
Finding any history on him between 88 and 94 is hard. This
12″ droped in 94. Extremely rare piece of vinyl here, the

true heads know what’s up with this one. Many love the
A-Side, but the B-Side is the killer cut on this 12. Enjoy
another gem from the crates of FTD.


~ - autor: 1vls w dniu 4 czerwca 2010.


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